We got married! May Fourth!

Due to current events we decided to get married civilly in a private ceremony in Salt Lake City, UT. We were thrilled that both sets of our parents were able to attend, though sad that, for safety reasons, we could not invite everyone we love. We plan on having our Temple sealing and receptions when things have calmed down a bit and look forward to celebrating with friends and extended family! In the mean time, we are both excited to see what life holds for us and wanted to share the good news!

    Much Love,
Elizabeth and Jason


We got married!

May The Fourth, 2020.

Jason is from South Weber, UT and is a sysadmin for a health care company. In his free time he likes tinkering, reading, and digging into weird historical facts.

Elizabeth is originally from Renton, Washington, but moved a year ago to North Salt Lake, Ut. She works in a research lab, studying the effects of chronic lung disease on the innate immune system. With her free time she likes cooking and baking fiddly things, sewing, reading, and exploring with her fuzzy side kick, Rosie.

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