Our First Year

  • April 8th: Elizabeth market 1 year living in Utah!
  • May 4th: We got married! City Creek Natural Area, Salt Lake City (and yes, the date was on purpose!
  • June 25th: We bought our first home and Rosie got a backyard! (Elizabeth remembered moving is the WORST!)
  • July 30th: Jason was not dishonorably discharged from the YSA Ward.
  • August 1st: Elizabeth survived (and thoughly enjoyed) her first family vacation with the Holts to Island Park, ID.
  • November 15th: We felt fross, tested positive for COVID-19, isolated, and still liked each other when allowed to leave the house again!
  • December 25th: We spent Christmas with the Zimmerman Family.
  • March 17th: Wait~ wasn't St. Patrick's Day two weeks ago?